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The animal management software is designed to assist with the record keeping of livestock for the homesteader, hobbyist, show breeder, and from small to medium sized farming operations, but can be used for larger farms too. It can be used for a single animal or for much larger herds and flocks. This animal management system is designed to allow you to enter and track data using the method of your choice. Records can be tracked to a group of animals or down to an individual animal. Some features that could be automated were left to be handled manually so that you could control how and when income, production, breeding and other information is entered and handled within the system.

My Animal Manager is an animal management system that is designed to assist with the organizing and record keeping of all of your animals. It includes a breeding section to provide for entry and reporting of important breeding activity and dates. For finances, there is an easy and clear method of tracking income and expenses related to one or a group of animals. Show records can be kept to keep track of the prize winning animals. Medical, feed, production, financial, contacts, breeding records and reports are included. Using the reports, breeding productivity, pregnancy, mortality, medical follow-ups, due dates and financial, feed usage and productivity reports can be presented in a month by month comparison for current and prior years.

Even if you already keep complete and accurate records this management software can help. With your accurate data entered into the system you can use the animal system to discover important trends and other information about the productivity of an animal or group of animals, feed costs and usage, production, etc... By finding trends and overages early money can be made and saved.

All data is stored and backed up online and can be accessed on any computer using your own user name and password. Data is stored online and backed up daily. Information can be edited from any web browser you log in to.

Entering and using data at our online site is safe using SSL. SSL is an industry standard used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers. SSL means that any information you submit on our site, will be encrypted so that it cannot be read while in transit to or from your web browser to our website server.

The animal management software will work well with 4H projects, show animals, homesteaders, hobby farms, rabbitry farms, small and large farms. My Animal Manager can be used to record and track rabbits in the rabbitry, pigs, dairy or meat goats & cows, sheep, poultry, horses, chickens, turkeys, etc... Use this software to record income and expenses, feed usage, production and show records, medical records including shots and veterinary visits, breeding and mortality, and contact information.

For all animals, detailed pedigree reports can be browsed, saved and printed. The pedigrees are created from existing animal and breeding records that are entered. The pedigree section of this software is useful to owners of show animals, 4-H projects, ARBA, APA, and the many other livestock associations and clubs that are promoting pure, heritage, and/or fancy breeds.


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