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My Garden Manager 1 Year Subscription
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The garden management software is designed for the gardener, homesteader, farmer, or hobbyist. This garden management system is designed to allow you to organize your garden planting and harvest items. You can enter and track data using the method of your choice. Records can be tracked to a group of plants, or down to an individual plant. The inventory and harvest area allows for any planted item to be entered. You can also enter custom items such as salsa, soup, preserves, and any other item you can grow, make, or store.

Some features that could be automated were left to be handled manually so that you could control how and when income, production, and other information is entered and handled within the system.

The garden management and organizing software will work well with 4H projects, homesteaders, hobby farms, market gardens, farmer's markets, small farms and larger operations. The My Garden Manager software works with planning, seeding starts, planting, harvest, and inventory. The software includes categories for many plant types. Use this software to plan and compare years, keep track of starting seeds, and actual garden plantings, and to record the harvest and/or keep an inventory.

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