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The "Expense" screen is for viewing and recording the expenses associated with purchases of animal products including feed, fencing, medication, etc... Purchases of animals that fit the user requirements for entry into the "Main Animal" screen should be entered there. Other purchases are recorded by animal type or it can be for an individual animal. Entries can be recorded daily, but it is much easier to record the total usage weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The recommended method is to record expenses in the system on the 15th and last day of each month, or as they occur.

SCREEN SHOT help-finance expense screen

Adding and Editing Data

To add a new expense item click on "+ Add New", to edit click on "Edit".

SCREEN SHOT help-expense add edit button

The expense entry screen will display.

SCREEN SHOT help-expense add edit screen

Expense items are entered by animal type and can be entered for individual animals or as various animals. The example (above) records the purchase of bulk feed for various animals. The use of this feed can be distributed in the "Feed" entry screen as the feed is used. If the feed is chicken feed then the item should be marked as chickens in the "Animal Type". The "Animal Type" in the example (above) is for various animals

Field Names and Descriptions

Field Description
Animal Type (Required entry) Select an animal type from the drop down list. Most common animals are listed. Select "Other" if the desired animal type is not listed.
Animal Name Enter the animal's name.
Purchase Date (Required entry) Select the date of the purchase.
Description (Recommended entry) Enter descriptions such as weekly total, special details, etc... The maximum length of this field is 60 characters.
Expense Category (Required entry) Select the expense category.
Size (Required entry) Enter the size or quantity of the type specified in the "Size Type" field. In the example (above) 18 pounds are entered.
Size Type (Required entry) Select the size type or quantity measurement.
Amount (Required entry) Enter the Income amount paid for the purchase.
Notes Field length is unlimited. Use this area to record details which need a detailed explanation.


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