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The "Show" screen is for viewing and recording the performance records of animals entered in shows. Use this screen to record activity of show animals including show name, and the animals placement in the show.

SCREEN SHOT help-animal-shows screen

Adding and Editing Data

To add a new animal show to the list, click on "+ Add New", to edit click on "Edit".

SCREEN SHOT help-show animals edit button

The entry screen will display.

SCREEN SHOT help-show animals add edit screen

Field Names and Descriptions

Field Description
Show Date (Required entry) Select the date of the show.
Name of Show (Required entry) Select the name of the show. (Ohio State Fair, County Fair, ARBA Show, etc...) The maximum length of this field is 60 characters.
Placement (Recommended entry) Type the award received. (Grade A, 1st Place, etc...)
Notes Use this area to record details which need an additional explanation.The maximum length of this field is 256 characters.


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