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The "Veterinary" screen is for viewing, adding, and editing the veterinary history of an individual animal. This screen can be accessed by the "Main Animal Individual Summary" screen or from the "Main Veterinary" screen. The recommended method of entering veterinary visits or medical treatments is to add these as they happen to provide accurate treatment history. From this screen the individual animals may be selected for adding and editing the medical treatment history

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Adding and Editing Data

To add a new expense item click on "+ Add New", to edit click on "Edit".

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The Veterinary / Medical Treatment entry screen will display.

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Veterinary visits and medical treatments are to be entered by individual animal. If there is a follow-up date for this medical treatment enter it as a reminder.

Field Names and Descriptions

Field Description
Treatment Date (Required entry) Select the date that the treatment was given.
Med. Condition (Required entry) Enter descriptions of the condition needing medical care or treatments. The maximum length of this field is 50 characters.
Treatment (Recommended entry) Enter the treatment given or recommended. The maximum length of this field is 50 characters.
Treatment Date Select the follow-up date if a second visit is necessary.
Reason (Recommended entry) Enter the reason the treatment was needed. The maximum length of this field is 50 characters.
Notes Field length is unlimited. Use this area to record details which need a detailed explanation.


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